Declining Balance Cards

A declining balance card is a UD credit card that is open for a finite amount of time for a specific amount of funds.

When to use a declining balance card:

  • when there is an infrequent need to use a UD credit card (e.g. an employee occasionally purchases supplies throughout the year)
  • when an employee is an infrequent traveler (e.g. an employee attends an annual conference)
  • when a credit card is needed for a finite amount of time (e.g. a 6-12 month assignment at the University)
  • when you have specific funding to be spent across a specific time period (e.g. funds are given to an employee in the form of credit and cash for 30 days of travel abroad)
  • when there is the need to withdrawal cash against the credit card (e.g. for researchers to obtain cash to pay research participants)

How does a declining balance card work?

  • A declining balance card can be funded with credit and/or cash, giving the cardholder the ability to swipe the card as a credit card or to withdraw cash from a bank or appropriate ATM
  • When funding a declining balance card, funds can be available in the form of all credit, all cash, or a combination of both
  • If the declining balance card is funded with a combination of cash and credit, all of the funds can be used for credit; however, when withdrawing cash, the available amount is limited by the % of funds that was designated as cash

How do I get a declining balance card?

To order a declining balance card, complete the Credit Card Services Webform, requesting the option for a declining balance card. The same form is used to replenish the card with additional funds.