Email notifications for Reimbursement Requests submitted through WORKS

A system-generated email notification is sent to the payee of an approved reimbursement request one day before the payment is deposited in the bank account of the payee. This notification displays the amount of the financial transaction. If you are not expecting the reimbursement or if you have had a recent change in banking account information, we ask that you notify Procurement at 831-2161.

Sample email:

Subject:  FW: FIPRD-University of Delaware Reimbursement Notification

A Reimbursement in the amount of $31.99 has been processed for you. A Payment will be made in the next business day. If you are not expecting this reimbursement or have a change in banking information where this reimbursement will be deposited, please contact Procurement Services at 302-831-2161 or send an email to

Reimbursement for:
** Cake for Retirement Party **
** Fruit tray for Retirement Party **