UD W-9 Information

Do you ask people to complete UD's W-9 form? Every vendor and individual paid by the University must complete our W-9 at some point; it collects information required by the IRS in order for UD to issue the 1099, and it also collects banking information so that we can pay electronically. It MUST be submitted by the person making the certification to the IRS. It is a secure system that Procurement Services staff can access only via a hardwired UD connection, minimizing the risk of PII (personally identifiable information) exposure. Submitters receive a reference number, which helps us find it in the queue, but it is not a searchable number once the vendor has been processed.

Until now, there has been no way for a vendor to communicate to us without an additional phone call or email 1) why they are submitting a W-9 or 2) who is expecting to see it processed. Now our W-9 includes a comments field that submitters can use to include this information!

Some ideas for what should be put in this field:

  • Ask the vendor to indicate that you were the one who asked them to submit a form (give your email address, name, and/or department)
  • Students can provide their UDID number so we don't have to look it up
  • If the form is being submitted to update existing information, the vendor can mention "new address" or "bank account has changed"
  • Please remember that our staff is required to use the utmost care in processing these forms, so do allow at least three to five business days before you see a new vendor in the webform system. Other fun facts about UD’s W-9:

    • Potential conflicts of interest, such as individuals or companies with a connection to the University, must be researched and approved by a senior manager
    • Inactive vendors, which have not been paid in 18 months or more, must submit a new W-9 so we can be certain their information is correct
    • We no longer issue checks to vendors, so vendors not accepting credit cards must have a bank account on record for payment

    As always, thank you for helping us maintain the integrity of our vendor files and understanding the complexity of the process. If you have any questions or need to follow up regarding a specific vendor, please feel free to email or call 831-2161.