Introducing Concur

February 1, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

As part of the University’s work to streamline business procedures, ensure transparency, and increase efficiency for UD travelers, we are delighted to introduce Concur as our new integrated travel and expense management solution. Concur houses travel booking, expense reimbursement requests and UD credit card allocation within one system.

A message about Concur from Alan Brangman

With the introduction of Concur, World Travel will be replacing Egencia as the University’s travel management company. World Travel will work within Concur to fulfill employees' travel booking requests, automatically transferring itinerary information to an expense report that allows UD credit card expenses to be attached with a simple drag and drop action. This "one-stop shop" approach to travel and expense management will create a seamless experience for our travelers.

More importantly, booking through Concur enables the University to see when our travelers are in locations with developing emergencies and provide assistance should the need arise.

As Concur launches, we will be phasing out Bank of America Works. UD credit cardholders will be issued new cards when their department begins using Concur. UD credit card transactions will be imported into Concur for the cardholder to allocate, attach to an expense report and submit for approval.

Concur provides a robust reporting portfolio to support departmental budget management, while its cloud storage functionality reduces audit vulnerability. As an added bonus, this cloud storage eliminates the need to collect, manage and store paper receipts. The University’s custom workflow design includes both direct supervisors and budgetary approvers for increased visibility of business expenses.

Our first pilot groups of users have already begun using Concur and we expect the system to roll out to campus over the next few months based on department readiness. In the meantime, please consult the Procurement website for informational videos and resources that will help you adapt to the new system.

We are scheduling information sessions for departmental Concur Liaisons who will act as subject matter experts to support their colleagues with their use of Concur, and instructional materials will be available for all Concur users on the Procurement website.

Please email with any specific questions or concerns you have.

Your support is vital to ensure the success of the Concur launch. We thank you in advance for embracing this exciting new platform.



Alan Brangman
Executive Vice President

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