Request for Off Cycle Pay Check

The Off-Cycle Check Request Form should be used to request payment via physical check before the next scheduled pay date. Off-cycle checks are an exception to regular payroll processing and should never be substituted for the timely processing of employees’ pay. Each off-cycle check requires manual review, entry and corrections. Off cycle payments will be limited to situations causing undue financial hardship only.
Before submitting this form, please make ensure that:

  • All forms (JEDs, S-Contracts...) have been approved by HR.
  • If the off-cycle is for hours worked, an amended timesheet must be created and approved in UD WorkForce.
  • Provide a reasonable explanation as to why this payment cannot be paid via Direct Deposit in the upcoming scheduled pay.
These are requests and do not guarantee off-cycle payment.

Request for Off Cycle Pay Check Form

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