Requesting LAM Access

Send access request to and include:

  • Name and user name (UDelNet ID)
  • Are you requesting update or view only access?
  • Do you currently have access to FIPRD (financials production)?
  • Do you currently have access to HRPRD (HR production)?
  • What tree node access do you need?
    • Generally, the tree node = Dept ID (access for one department)
    • To have access to multiple departments, those departments must fall under the same higher level tree node

      Example of Tree Node Access

      College level tree node = 03000

      Dept tree node = 03101
      Dept tree node = 03110
      Dept tree node = 03106
      Dept tree node = 03120
      Dept tree node = 03130

      To request LAM access to all the departments within this college, you would request the high level tree node: 03000.

    • If you do not know your tree node number, send an email to
  • Permission for access to LAM:
    • Comes from either your department head or the designated individual for your unit
    • Is based on the authorization procedures setup by your college or VP unit