Earnings Code

Earnings Code is a three character acronym used to identify the type of earnings an employee is paid. This table is sorted by Account. Find the Account and use the corresponding Earnings Code.

Revised 11/14/11

Account Earnings Code Employees Paid with the Earnest Code
120200REGSM Professional (Exempt) Full-Time
120200ADPAdministrative Supplement - SM Professional (Exempt) Full-Time
120300REGSM Professional (Exempt) Part-Time
120300ADPAdministrative Supplement - SM Professional (Exempt) Part-Time
120400SCRSupplemental Pay for SM Professional (Exempt)
120400FSNSummer Faculty Administrative or Research NO Retirement
120500OCYSupplemental Professional
120800PDFPost Doctoral Fellow
120800PFFProfessional (Exempt) / Faculty Fellowship (UDRF, GUR)
121000REGChair and Director
1210001/9Chair and Director
121000ADMAdministrative Supplement - Chair and Director
121100REGFaculty Full-Time
1211001/9Faculty Full-Time
121100ADMAdminstrative Supplement - Faculty Full-Time
121200REGFaculty Part-Time
1212001/9Faculty Part-Time
121200ADMAdministrative Supplement - Faculty Part-Time
121300FSRSummer Faculty Teaching with Retirement
121400FSNSummer Faculty Teaching NO Retirement
121400SCRProfessional (Exempt) / Faculty Supplemental Pay (not summer, NO retirement)
121500OCYSupplemental Faculty
121600REGAcademic Center Director
1216001/9Academic Center Director
121600ADMAdministrative Supplement - Academic Center Director
121700SSTSalaried Staff (Non-Exempt) Teaching
121800FSRSummer Faculty Administrative or Research with Retirement
121900FSNSummer Faculty Administrative or Research NO Retirement
122300STUGraduate Intern
122500STUGraduate Teaching Assistant
122600STUGraduate Research Assistant
122700FELGraduate Fellowship
122800STUResidence Hall Director - Undergraduate and Graduate
123000REGSalaried Staff (Non-Exempt) Full-Time
123000ADSAdministrative Supplement - Salaried Staff (Non-Exempt) Full-Time
123100REHAFSCME (Local #439)
123300REHAFSCME - Casual Wage Bus Driver
123400REHAFSCME (Local #3472)
123600REGSalaried Staff (Non-Exempt) Part-Time
123600ADSAdministrative Supplement - Salaried Staff (Non-Exempt) Part-Time
123700DWPDisability Pay w/Pension or Retirement
123700DNPDisability Pay NO Pension or Retirement
125000OT1Salaried Staff - Overtime - Straight
125000OT5Salaried Staff - Overtime - 1.5 X
125000OT2Salaried Staff - Overtime - 2 X
125100SA2AFSCME - Shift Differential 2 (Local #3472)
125100SA3AFSCME - Shift Differential 3 (Local #3472)
125100SH2AFSCME - Shift Differential 2 (Local #439)
125100SH3AFSCME - Shift Differential 3 (Local #439)
125200MWGMiscellaneous Wage
125300WIHAFSCME - Wages in Kind
125300WIKProfessional (Exempt) - Wages in Kind
125300WIKSalaried Staff (Non-Exempt) - Wages in Kind
125300WIKStudent - Wages in Kind (housing for RA's)
125900SPOProfessional (Exempt) Overtime (only UD policy approved)
126000STFUndergrad Student (flat amount - S Contract)
126000STHUndergrad Student
126000WS1Workstudy Student - Summer 1
126000WS2Workstudy Student - Summer 2
126000WSAWorkstudy Student - Academic
126200STRUndergrad Student - Research Experience
126300STUUndergrad Student -Resident Assistant
126900STHGraduate Student Labor (hourly)
126900STNGraduate Student Labor (flat amount)
149200AWDHonors Day/Student Award
149250SRES-Contract Research Subject