Supplemental Payment Calculator

based on rates effective 9/1/18 (Academic Year 2018-2019)

This form can be used to help you calculate the amounts of supplemental payments based on an employee's rank, annual rate, floor and ceiling rates for the 2018-2019 academic year, and course enrollments. It does not verify any of the criteria you input, and it does not check payment limits for that employee across the year nor any exceptional circumstances that might apply to the particular payment you are contemplating.

It is only appropriate for normal "lecture" assignments, not Lab/Dsc teaching , Supervised Study, nor UD-online Distance Learning classes.

Faculty Rank:

** default for Off-campus faculty

Annual Rate (9-mo.)

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Teaching credits
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The payment for a fully enrolled class will be calculated. If you also wish to calculate prorated amounts (for less than 10 enrolled in an undergraduate course or less than 6 in a graduate course), use the spaces below:

Enrollment in Undergraduate section(s) of this assignment 
Enrollment in Graduate section(s) of this assignment