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Admissions & Transfers


There are multiple ways for students to apply and be admitted as undergraduates to the University, including direct admission as a freshman or transfer student, conditional admission through the University's well established English Language Institute (ELI), and admission to the Intensive English Language Program at the ELI. All students that apply for direct admission as freshmen by January 15 and furnish us with SAT or ACT scores are automatically considered for scholarship awards. We invite you to explore our world and consider joining our academic community!

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International Student Orientation will be held on August 24, 2018 for Fall Semester. We recommend that you arrive a couple of days prior to this date, and no later than the day before orientation. You must apply for early check-in by contacting Residence Life & Housing. For information about undergraduate orientation, please visit .

You may be asked to attend other orientation activities but this one is MANDATORY for international students. Undergraduate students may be required to take placement examinations or attend special meetings for new students. Questions about such requirements or about other details of your academic program should be addressed directly to your program office. The UD catalog is online at http://www.udcatalog. admission and degree requirements are explained.

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