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Terra Dotta

Hosting Scholars

Japanese Ambassador

When bringing foreign nationals to campus, it is strongly recommended for UD Departments to contact OISS as early in the process as possible.

Please note that immigration regulations are subject to change and can vary depending on your particular case or situation. Always consult an OISS advisor for the most accurate information or whenever in doubt.

Scholars at the University of Delaware generally arrive on either J-1 or H1B visas. To find out more about these and other visa options for scholars and employees, please select one of the links below:

J-1 Visiting Scholars (Includes short-term scholars and researchers as well as post-docs)

H1B Scholars (Includes benefited employees in specialty occupations)

Temporary Business Visas (Includes B visas and Visa Waivers)

Other Visa types (Information about Os, TN, and more)