August 28, 2023

Dear UD Community,

The fresh start of a new academic year is truly inspiring to all of us! The possibilities for growth and success are endless. Whether you are new to the University of Delaware or are continuing your studies or career with us, I just want to say ... welcome, we are glad you are here!

Every one of you plays an essential role in making UD the special place that it is. Our students bring their insatiable curiosity, creativity and drive for a better future. Our faculty add deep expertise, wisdom and mentorship, while our staff enable the University’s mission through their dedication, spirit and professionalism. Yet we are far more than the sum of these parts. Our community — lively, caring, dynamic and energized — emerges from the connections we forge with each other and the collaborations we pursue around our bold ideas.

Intellectual pursuits during our journey together are strengthened by the myriad perspectives, talents and skills of each and every one of you. A strong foundation of values empowers our Blue Hen community to transform imagined possibilities into real impact — here on our beautiful campus and beyond. In particular, diversity, equity and inclusion are core to our campus culture, and we continue to develop and advance multiple initiatives to ensure that a UD education remains accessible to everyone.

Key to our sense of community is warmly welcoming the undergraduate Class of 2027. Students admitted to the Newark campus come to UD with the highest test scores and cumulative grade point average of any class in the last five years, a true testimony to the escalating academic caliber of our University. This evening, all members of our community are invited to help us welcome our newest Blue Hens at the Twilight Induction ceremony at 7:30 p.m. on the north side of Memorial Hall or on Facebook Live.

As this new academic year unfolds, I encourage you to take every opportunity to appreciate and actively engage with the vibrant UD community all around us. My wife, Eleni, and I wish you all an enjoyable and productive year, and we look forward to meeting you on campus!


signature of President Dennis Assanis

Dennis Assanis

University of Delaware   •   Newark, DE   •