November 4, 2022

Dear UD Community,

Two recent incidents on our campus — one accidental and one intentional — are a painful reminder that we must remain vigilant against antisemitic views and the violence that they often inspire.

Early in the week, a journalism class discussed how the media frames hate speech, and an offensive quote from a Kanye West tweet was left on a classroom blackboard. An image of the blackboard circulated on social media and was understandably troubling to many in our community. The University immediately began investigating the matter and determined that the original intention was not malicious.

In a second incident, graffiti of a swastika was found in a campus residence hall. A report was filed, and the University responded quickly to remove the offensive graffiti. An investigation is ongoing.

Both these incidents come as our nation has seen an alarming rise in antisemitism. Just today, the FBI issued a warning to synagogues in New Jersey to be alert for possible violence.

The University of Delaware strongly and unequivocally condemns all expressions of antisemitism and stands firmly with our Jewish students, faculty, staff and friends, as well as all those around the world. We must continue to reject all forms of prejudice and discrimination, which hinder the learning environment that advances our educational mission.

I urge any member of our community who witnesses or experiences any antisemitic activity to report it at once to UD Police.


Dennis Assanis

University of Delaware   •   Newark, DE   •