April 7, 2022

Dear UD Faculty and Staff,

At the University of Delaware, we are deeply committed to supporting and strengthening a community that reflects the rich and complex diversity of the human experience. Diversity, equity and inclusion are embodied in the University’s five strategic pillars and our core institutional values. This commitment guides not only our educational, research and service missions, but also our operations as a significant economic driver in Delaware and the region.

To this end, UD has established a Supplier Diversity Program, with a Chief Supplier Diversity Officer, to coordinate and expand our use of local and diverse suppliers throughout the University. As we continue to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive campus community, we can also work to expand our network of diverse businesses that supply goods and services for UD.

Every member of the UD community can support this important initiative. Faculty and staff are required to follow UD’s procurement and supplier-diversity policies and are encouraged to embrace the spirit of this effort when using University resources on goods and services. Ongoing outreach and education efforts also help the University strengthen our network of diverse suppliers while also securing the best value for institutional resources.

Through the Supplier Diversity Program and many other initiatives, the University of Delaware will continue to advance its commitment to building a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world for all.


Dennis Assanis

John Long
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Fatimah Conley
Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

University of Delaware   •   Newark, DE   •   udel.edu/president