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The exciting thing about the World Wide Web is that it allows all of us to effortlessly share information, ideas and resources. This homepage will serve as a link to my various web projects.

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I manage WVUD here at the University of Delaware. In addition to information about the radio station, the WVUD site contains links to other radio stations as well as other areas of interest covered by our programs. I am also an adjunct faculty member of the Department of Communication here at the University of Delaware, where I teach a course in Radio Programming and Production.

I worked on the Student Life Division homepage and manage the Student Almanac, a listing of "student life" resources.

If you’d like to know more about my professional experience, see my online resume’.

In response to numerous requests I noticed in 1994 on the Internet from people seeking to include the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people of African Descent in their Black History Month celebrations, I compiled the Blacklist. It is called the "Blacklist" for two reasons both of which are obvious. First, the people listed are of African descent, black. Second, unfortunately some members of the black community have sought to disavow the contributions, identities, or worth of many of the people listed here. While the original site still remains, the Blacklist is now part of the expanded BlackStripe where you can now purchase books by and about many of the people on the Blacklist.

I am also a member of Alpha Phi Alpa Fraternity, Inc. I serve as secretary for the Gamma Theta Lambda chapter in Wilmington, DE. I was inactive for six years. I told my story in An Alpha Speaks.

My younger brother Stanley Jerome Tarver died in 1994. He was a scholar, an artist and someone who tried to teach me not to rush through life. I think he is still trying to teach me. I miss him very much. Here are two poems he wrote: Black Gold and Retentions.

I am also part owner of Spectrum Broadcasting a California-based Black and Latino owned radio syndication company designed to serve the urban market. Our first program Smooth Weekend is set to launch in February of 2000.

I hope you enjoy browsing these pages and making the links to wherever they may take you. Please feel free to send comments to Chuck Tarver.

If you’re one of those nosey folks who likes to peek into people’s test files, I’ll let you take a look at my various projects in various stages. PEEK1| PEEK2.

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Chuck Tarver
WVUD/ University of DE
Newark, DE 19716
voice: (302) 831-2701
fax: (302) 831-1399
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1314 W7th Street
Wilmington, DE 19805-3223
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A major project I worked on is The Blackstripe.

Original site
Expanded site
Black Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans website.

Blacks for Bush, cuz he's so deserving.

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