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Application redirects

Questions should be directed to Web Development, it-webdev@udel.edu

Search your pages to determine if you are pointing directly to a UD application which includes a server name. Change that link to use a redirect instead so as we improve services you do not need to change links.

Go to Find It and paste the following lines one at a time in the search box:
+link:/mis4 +url:/your-url-here
+link:/chico +url:/your-url-here
+link:/primus +url:/your-url-here
Example: +link:http://www.udel.edu/tour +url:http://www.udel.edu/

If you receive any search results, then you probably need to replace those links with a redirect from the list below. There are some exceptions where the URL is customized to produce qualified results (i.e., Courses Search) and you should continue to use those customized URLs with the chico.nss.udel.edu server name.

For commonly used services, use the redirects below. If you encounter a link to an application not on this list, please let us know using this form.