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Faculty Appraisal & Planning Form: Overview

Questions should be directed to Web Development, it-webdev@udel.edu

  • Faculty Appraisal & Planning Form Demo

  • Web Forms Menu
    (Help, Blanks, In Basket, Out Basket, Archives, Folders, Drafts, Log Out)

  • Required information
    Symbol Key: required Required Information
    A red star means that you must answer a question to complete the form.

  • Allow popup windows
    If you have popus windows allowed for UD servers, the form will notify you if the system is about to timeout for security purposes. Enable popup windows to prevent the loss of work by following these directions.

  • To attach a file
    1. Check the size of your files before attaching them. The total of the files being attached per page MUST be less than 7 MB.

    2. Click the Browse button on the form to locate the file you created on your computer.

    3. A new window called File Upload opens.

    4. Click on the file name to highlight the file you want, and then click the Open button.

    5. The File Upload window closes, and you will see the path to your report.

    6. You may click the Browse button again to replace a file you have attached.

    7. To attach another file, click the Browse button next to the next file attachment number to attach another file.

  • Using the TinyMCE editor
    (Text formatting, Paste from Microsoft Word, Insert link, Spellcheck)

  • Form buttons
    (Previous step, Save this page, Save & exit, Exit without saving, Next step, Finish & submit)

  • Routing

  • Action
    (Continue - send to next reviewer, Add reviewer - and return to me, Return to previous reviewer for correction, Return to originator for correction)

  • Using the Internet Explorer (IE) Browser
    If you use IE and click on a link like "Printer-Friendly Version" that should open in a window but doesn't, follow these directions one time to identify our secure server as a trusted site to your browser.

  • Department and College View of Previous Year's Forms
    After admins log on to Web Forms, copies of Faculty Appraisal and Planning Web Forms are available from the department or college appraisals link, which appears in the format of appraisals-ENGL or appraisals-as, for example.

    You'll see: All | your-name-here | appraisals-as

    Click on the appraisals link and then the archives tab. Locate the form you are looking for and click on the form link to view the form or access its printer-friendly version.

  • Policy 4-109 - Alteration of Electronic Processes

  • Need more information?
    (Request help with your specific question.)

  • Complete your Faculty Appraisal & Planning Form Web Form now
    Complete your form online after you have prepared all supporting files to attach to the Web Form and have checked that they don't exceed 7 MB total per page.