SharePoint 2010: UD Search Committee Sites

UD Search Committee Sites Overview

  • University of Delaware search committees use SharePoint 2010 sites to facilitate job searches.
  • SharePoint 2010 search committee sites and access to those sites are automatically created when a search committee is formed.
  • A new SharePoint 2010 search site is created for each UD search committee.
  • Members of a search committee will receive the link to access the SharePoint site for that particular search.
  • People who need to use SharePoint 2010 ( from off-campus must first connect to the UD VPN service.

Accessing a UD Search Committee Site

  • When you receive a link to a UD Search Committee site, use the login format below when prompted to log in to the site:
    • User Name: win\UDelNet ID (for example, a client with the email address would log in as win\maryqq)
    • Password: UDelNet password
  • People using Mozilla Firefox to access a SharePoint search committee site may experience difficulties.

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