Summary of SPSS Manager Menus

Press Esc 0 and select "Exit" to exit SPSS.

To view options, press the escape key (Esc) and a number. Each escape sequence brings up a short menu. The upper case letter in each menu item may be used in lieu of moving the cursor to the button and pressing <ENTER>.

A summary of menu entries is tabulated below.

Menu Option Explanation
Esc Esc
(double Esc) Clear the menu/cancel display from last command
Esc 0:
run from Cursor Submit commands in the editor window, starting at the current cursor position.
Exit Exit SPSS
autoviewNew off Turn off the menu
Esc 1
manageR help Display main help menu for the SPSS Manager (window keys)
Menus Display main SPSS command menu
Var list List variables in your current active file (not displayed if no variables are defined)
File list List files in the current directory
Glossary Open dialog box for entering term you want defined
syntaX Open dialog box for entering command for which you want to view syntax
Esc 2
Switch Switch windows, from editor to output or back
Change size Open dialog box for entering number of lines for the current window
Zoom Zoom current window to full screen
Esc 3
Edit different file Open a different syntax file for editing (enter name of file in dialog box)
Insert file Insert a syntax file into the editor window (enter name of file in dialog box)
Esc 4
Insert after Open a new line after the current line
insert Before Open a new line before the current line
Delete Delete the current line
Undelete Undelete the most recent deletion
Esc 5
Forward find Search forward for the string entered in the dialog box
Backward find Search backward for the string entered in the dialog box
fOward change Find and replace forward from the cursor
bAckward change Find and replace backwards from the cursor
Esc 6
Output pg Opens dialog box for entering page number to skip to
Esc 7
Lines Mark or unmark lines: First line is marked at the current cursor line. Move curser to last line to be marked and press Esc 7 again.
Rectangle Mark or unmark a rectangle: Upper left of rectangle is marked by cursor position when you press Esc 7. Move the cursor to the lower right corner and press Esc 7 again
Command Mark or unmark commands
Note: After an area is marked, press Esc 7 to clear it