Why upgrade to AnyConnect VPN client software

The older Cisco VPN client software and the VPN software built into Mac OS X 10.6 and later will continue to work through July 27, 2015. Therefore, by July 28, 2015, be sure you have upgraded your VPN software to the current version of Cisco AnyConnect.

UD encourages employees who need to use VPN to access information restricted to use on the University's network to to upgrade to the AnyConnect client software as soon as possible.

Benefits of the AnyConnect client:

  • It is supported by Cisco for future operating system updates (Windows, Mac, Linux). Cisco no longer supports its older client software.
  • AnyConnect is supported on mobile (Apple iOS, Android, Kindle) devices.
  • Since AnyConnect uses SSL instead of IPSEC, it bypasses any firewall settings (hotels, coffee shops, etc.) that might block the legacy clients.
  • AnyConnect is faster than the legacy Cisco client, running at about twice the speed of the old client.
  • AnyConnect can handle network and server issues more gracefully than either the Mac OS builtin client or the legacy Cisco client.
    • It can ride through short network disruptions/changes without requiring the user to re-authenticate.
    • In the event of the primary VPN server failing, AnyConnect can reconnect to the backup VPN server without users having to change anything.
  • Beginning in the spring of 2015, access to certain confidential University information will require two-factor authentication--a password and a second "secret." Because it supports two-factor authentication, the AnyConnect software is the required VPN client at this time.


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