Accessing Computer Resources

Accessing Computer Resources

Students, faculty, and staff require UDelNet accounts to access online resources like email, the Web, research, and administrative systems. UDelNet accounts are tied to a physical card, the ONEcard, which is physically used on campus in locations like the Carpenter Sports Building and the Morris Library.

The University provides users with two primary methods of identification and authentication:

  • UDelNet ID and password: Your UDelNet ID is an alphabetic username that is also used as your UD email address (e.g.,

  • UD ID and UD PIN: Your UD ID is a 5- or 9-digit number and is your University assigned identifier. All faculty, staff, students, and alumni have a UD ID. (The UD ID may also be referred to as your Student ID or Employee ID, and can be found on your ONEcard.)

    Your UD PIN (UD Personal Identification Number) is a 4-10 alpha-numeric value, used along with the UD ID to provide authentication to UD systems.

How do I determine my UDID?

To determine your UD ID, log in to UD's network page using your UDelNet ID and password. The system will display your UD ID on a page that will look similar to the following (pertinent information boxed in red):

Alternatively, look at your ONEcard:

Your UD ID is located at the bottom left side of your card. Distribution of the ONEcard began in Spring 2015. Older cards (the i-card) display the UD ID in the bottom right side of the card.

How do I change my PIN?


Go to UD's network page. Click the Reset your PIN online link. Follow the on-screen instructions. You will be notified that your PIN was changed. Click the Logout link. The new PIN can be used immediately.


Faculty and staff have two options for changing their PIN:
  • Contact your HR Liaison to reset your PIN.
  • Go to UD's network page. Click the Reset your PIN online link. Follow the on-screen instructions. You will be notified that your PIN was changed. Click the Logout link. The new PIN can be used immediately.


Contact your former department's HR liaison.


Have the UD employee submit a Help Request.

How do I reset my password?

Reset your password by going to the network page. Log in on the right side with your UD ID and PIN and click the link to "Change your password".

Access by type

Student Access

All students currently enrolled at the University have access to a UDelNet account, which is used for email, UDSIS, and other identification purposes. This status is maintained over winter/summer sessions.

If a student is currently enrolled but does not have an active UDelNet account, he should go to the University ID Card office immediately.

Alumni Access

Upon graduation from UD, your status changes to alumnus. Beginning with the incoming class of 2014, graduates can retain their email for life. Your UDelNet ID will be terminated, but your UD ID account will remain active. With that account, you will have access to UDSIS and your grade history.
  • Graduates may continue to access mail sent to their UDelNet address as usual, or may forward this mail to another address by logging in to

Access for faculty and staff

All permanent faculty and staff who are currently affiliated with the University have access to a UDelNet account. The operative criteria is "currently affiliated."

If an individual is currently affiliated but does not have an active account, he should contact the University ID Card office. The interface between the University ID Card (i-card) and an active UDelNet account is automatic. Therefore, if there is an error in status, it must be corrected by the ID Card office.

Faculty/student course work access

Faculty who require computer work on the central UNIX systems as part of their course, can request a course project. This can be done by submitting a UNIX Instructional Project Request form which is available at Systems Access and Authorization. The convention is to assign course projects a number in the 2xxx range, so that on a list of a student's projects, a course project can be identified. The computer accounting system interfaces automatically with the UDSIS course roster data on a daily basis to add those students currently enrolled in the course. Course projects are inactived two weeks after the semester ends, unless the instructor specifically requests that it be left active so that students can make up incompletes.

Faculty/student research access

Departments may establish research projects for faculty and graduate students to use central UNIX systems and authorize individuals to use that project. This can be done by submitting a UNIX New Project Request form available at Systems Access and Authorization.

Faculty/staff access to UD administrative systems

Complete required web form(s) (Log in required).

Faculty/staff access to central mail server mailing lists:

See instructions to add additional faculty/staff to UD central server mailing lists.

Access for retirees and employee spouses

Retired faculty/staff email access

Retirees are routinely continued in the University ID Card database and will have continued access to their UDelNet account after retirement.

Spouse email access

When spouses have an active University ID Card (i-card), they have access to a UDelNet account. The UD employee and spouse must go to the ID Card office and request a University ID Card (i-card) for the spouse. The day after the card is issued, the University employee can submit a Help Ticket Request for log on credentials for the spouse's account.

Access for non-UD affiliated users

Guest access

To gain full use of the UD network, you must register all devices. Individuals with a UDelNet ID or a UD ID can register their own devices. If you are a registered user, you can register a guest's device on a temporary basis, up to 10 total devices for a maximum of 60 days, by visiting the UDel network guest registration page and following the online instructions.

Sponsored access for non-UD affiliated individuals

The University is able to provide access to its computing resources to individuals who are not University employees or currently enrolled students when a member of the faculty or professional staff is able to assume responsibility for the specific individual. The faculty or staff member's department must endorse the sponsorship and the approval of Information Technologies is also required. Submit a Help Ticket Request for the form, "University Sponsored Access for External Users". The form requires the signature of the University employee requesting access and the signature of the outside individual.

The sponsor coordinates and supervises procedures to provide access and needed training for sponsored individuals. The sponsor must assure that all policies and procedures that pertain are adhered to. At fiscal year end, the sponsor assumes responsibility for reviewing and removing access for individuals for whom it is no longer appropriate.

Common Problems

  • I am currently enrolled at UD but my UDelNet account is inactive.
    • Go to the University ID Card (i-card) office to check your status.
  • I reported my University ID card lost or stolen. Now I can't access UD email.
    • Your email account was inactivated as a security precaution. Because an active account is one of the privileges of your ID card, your email account will be re-activated the day after you receive a new ID card.
  • What do I do if I see the system message "out of funds"?
    • Call the Systems Security and Access office at (302) 831-6001. Staff will help you analyze your computing expenditures and help you replenish your computing budget.

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