Active Directory at UD

Active Directory® (AD) is a distributed directory service that has been available from Windows since the release of Windows Server 2000. AD allows for the secure, centralized management of an entire network. This capability allows administrators to manage computers, users, and other objects.

In a distributed computing environment, networked computers and other devices communicate over remote connections to accomplish tasks through client/server applications. A directory service provides a centralized location to store information within a distributed environment. The information can include networked devices, services, and the people who use them.

UD has chosen to implement Active Directory® based on Windows Server 2008 R2. The service is available to any UD unit that wants to manage its computing environment centrally.

Joining the central AD system will provide several other benefits. The central AD will work well with the SharePoint 2010 system and the Exchange server. In addition, all these services will use your central UDelNet password.

Password issues

For your UDelNet password to work with UD's central AD, SharePoint, and Exchange systems, your password must conform to UD's new password standards:
  • UDelNet passwords must be between 12 and 30 characters in length.
  • Best practice is to make a password or passphrase not based on a single word or name.
  • All UDelNet passwords are tested using the following point scoring system. Three points are required for approval.
    • One point for using an upper case letter.
    • One point for using a lower case letter.
    • One point for using a number.
    • One point for using any character not listed above with the exception of the 'space' character.
If your UDelNet password does not meet these requirements, you must change your UDelNet password to use it with AD, SharePoint, or Exchange.

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