If you can dream it, you can do it.

-Adobe slogan

Learning how to create a Web site is one of the most empowering skills you will ever learn. Because the Internet is ubiquitous, Web page creation gives you a worldwide reach that enables you to communicate your message virtually everywhere. This tutorial on creating Web pages has a topic that will interest almost everyone: creating a résumé that you can use to apply for a job. Creating a résumé on the Web may provide you with a strategic advantage because you will be able to give prospective employers the World Wide Web address of your résumé. This shows you have network savvy that can benefit an employer in an information society.

On the Web, your résumé will be presented in color with hypertext links that make it quick and easy to read and to find information. You will be able to print your résumé from the Web; the printed version will be neatly typeset with professional-looking fonts, headings, graphics, and bulleted lists of your qualifications and accomplishments.

You will also learn how to create your home page, which is the Web page that establishes your identity on the Web. By linking things to your home page, you will create a hierarchy that makes it easy for people to access resources you put on the Web. For example, one of the things you will link to your home page is your Web page résumé. Later on, you will be able to link multimedia term papers that you publish on the Web. Thus, your home page will provide potential employers with convincing examples of your online writing skills, and your term papers will contribute to the world of interconnected scholarship.

Chapter 15 Web Page Creation Strategies
Chapter 16 Web Page Design
Chapter 17 How HTML Works
Chapter 18 Creating Your Web Page Résumé
Chapter 19 Putting Images on Web Pages
Chapter 20 Using Tables for Advanced Web Page Layout
Chapter 21 Making a Local Web and a Home Page
Chapter 22 Publishing Files on the World Wide Web


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