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PART ONE:  Understanding the Internet

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 How the Internet Is Changing the World

PART TWO:  Getting on the Internet
Chapter 3 Getting Connected
Chapter 4 Surfing the Net

PART THREE:  Communicating Over the Internet
Chapter 5 Internet Etiquette (Netiquette)
Chapter 6 Electronic Mail
Chapter 7 Listserv Mailing Lists
Chapter 8 Usenet Newsgroups, Web-based Forums and RSS Blogs
Chapter 9 Communicating in Real Time
Chapter 10 Streaming Media and Synchronized Multimedia

PART FOUR: Finding Things on the Internet
Chapter 11 Searching for Information
Chapter 12 Commonly Found Internet File Types
Chapter 13 Downloading from the Internet
Chapter 14 Bibliographic Style for Citing Internet Resources

PART FIVE:  Creating Web Pages
Chapter 15 Web Page Creation Strategies
Chapter 16 Web Page Design
Chapter 17 How HTML Works
Chapter 18 Creating Your Web Page Résumé
Chapter 19 Putting Images on Web Pages
Chapter 20 Using Tables and CSS for Advanced Web Page Layout
Chapter 21 Making a Local Web Site and a Home Page
Chapter 22 Publishing Files on the World Wide Web

PART SIX:  Using Multimedia on the Internet
Chapter 23 How Web Browsers Do Multimedia
Chapter 24 Audio Recording and Embedding

PART SEVEN:  Planning for the Future of the Internet
Chapter 25 Societal Issues
Chapter 26 Emerging Technology
Chapter 27 How to Keep Up and Stay Secure

APPENDIX A :  Web Page Creation Toolkit



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