Understand how Usenet newsgroups originated as a grassroots effort by students who wanted a better way to organize conversations over the Internet.

Visualize how the hierarchical structure of a newsgroup mirrors the manner in which physical conferences are organized.

Use your e-mail reader to list the newsgroups available through your Internet service provider.

Subscribe to the newsgroup(s) of your choice.
Read and respond to topics in a newsgroup and post new topics that you want to initiate.

Understand the difference between moderated and unmoderated newsgroups.

Know when it is too late to cancel a message that you have written in a newsgroup.

Find out about newsgroups in your field of study or line of work.

Understand the difference between newsgroups and Web-based discussion forums

Learn how to create your own Web-based discussion forum on the Internet

Set up a blog to keep an online diary that logs events that you want to chronicle online.

Configure an RSS reader to feed you news about new content posted at blogs you want to keep up with.


  Usenet History

These sites offer some background on the beginnings of newsgroups. What facts in the history surprised you?

Start of Usenet
from EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet

Usenet Software: History and Sources
from the Usenet group netannounce

Communities Formed by Newsgroups

Have you formed any ties with others in a newsgroup that you belong to? Do you think these are truly communities?


Finding Newsgroups in Your Profession

Follow these links to search for a newsgroup where people discuss your particular interests. Which newsgroups did you subscribe to?

CyberFiber Newsgroups
Google Groups

Web-based Forums


The sites below offer some very active web-based forums. Which of the sites offered you the best choices for your interest?

Motley Fool
Delphi Forums



How would you use a blog? Are there any blogs that you've found useful for your own guidance or information?




Is it more convenient for you to read RSS feeds rather than tracking the individual blogs and other sites? Do you find yourself using your RSS feeds regularly?

Google list of
RSS Tools


Other Links

Newsgroup Information for Beginners

Creating New Newsgroups





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