Understand what an e-mail account is and know how to get one set up for you.
Select an e-mail client for use in sending, receiving, and filing e-mail messages.
Configure your e-mail client so you can begin using e-mail.
Send, receive, answer, forward, and file e-mail messages.

Create a signature file that will identify who you are at the end of your e-mail messages.

Know how to attach files to your e-mail messages.
Avoid catching harmful viruses that can be transmitted in e-mail attachments.
Use an address book to keep track of the e-mail addresses of people to whom you send mail.
Create a mailing list that enables you to send a message to several people at once.
Search your stored mail messages to find things you've filed for future reference.
Deal with unwanted mail and detect fake mail IDs.
Encrypt your mail so only the person receiving it can read it.
Read your mail with a Web-based e-mail service.


  E-mail Clients

Use these links to download a client. Why did you chcose one over the other?

Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla Thunderbird

Outlook Express

  POP vs. IMAP

Which method of accessing email seems more useful to your lifestyle and computing use?

Comparing Two Approaches to
Remote Mailbox Access: IMAP vs. POP

  How to Avoid Catching Viruses from E-mail Attachments

Which method will you employ to keep from catching viruses?
Antivirus Software Site SARC

Virus Alert Center


Have you ever received e-mail spreading one or more of these hoaxes? How would you decide if the information was true or a hoax?

CIAC HoaxBusters

CIAC Hoax Pages

Netlore: Rumors, Hoaxes & Urban Legends

Dealing with Unwanted E-mail

After viewing the options for dealing with unwanted e-mail, which organizations do you expect to offer the most help?

Spam Control
Anti-Spam Tips
Spam Management Links



Email Encryption

You may want to read further about how to get a certificate to protect your e-mail.


Verisign E-mail Security Service

Web-based E-mail

Choose one of these free e-mail providers and try sending mail. What features did you like? Do you prefer web-based e-mail to other e-mail clients you have tried?

Yahoo mail  MSN Hotmail
Free Email Providers Guide


Voting Records of Members of Congress

Congressional E-mail Addresses from Yahoo!





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