Understand how Web browsers use plug-ins and add-ins to do multimedia.
Download and install multimedia plug-ins and add-ins.
Find hot multimedia Web sites.
Define Java, understand the concept of an applet, and know where to find tools for creating more dynamic Web pages.
Define what is meant by the common gateway interface, and understand the server side of Web page development.
Understand the role of an active server page (ASP) and see how ASP functions in Microsoft's .NET framework.
Learn how to make a client-side image map.

 Built-In Browser Support for Multimedia

Follow these links to test your browser's support for multimedia. Did everything work as you expected? Do you need to download other plug-ins?

Use your browser's built-in audio support to listen to the Sounds of the Cornell Chimes

View this QuickTime greeting from the author

Listen to this audio greeting from the author

Media Players


If the links above did not play correctly, follow the links below to install the needed media players.

Microsoft Windows Media Player QuickTime

Plug-Ins and Add-Ins


These additional plug-ins and add-ins will support other multimedia file types. Explore each one to see what it supports. When you've found what you think is useful, download the tool and install it on your computer.

Schockwave Macromedia Flash
Microsoft Netscape Plug-in Link

Internet Multimedia Crash Test Area provides a range of files to test which plug-ins and helper apps are correctly installed in your browser.

Security Risks

Frequently, security holes are found in the latest version of a browser. If you haven't updated your browser lately, follow the appropriate link to update it now.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox
Netscape Communicator

Helper Apps and Plug-Ins


As you've read, programmers are able to add new functionality to Web pages using Java, javascript, ActiveX, Dynamic HTML and server side tools. Follow the links below to see some useful applications. Did you notice differences in what each of these could offer?




Sun's Java site

Java rotation of a benzene molecule

Tokamak reactor

Java Applets Resource


JavaScript Kit

The JavaScript Source


Microsoft ActiveX for ActiveX controls

Dynamic HTML

Dynamic HTML Tools and Resources
from the Web Developers Virtual Library

MSDN Online Web Workshop
Microsoft Online Web Workshop

Server Side Tools

The Common Gateway Interface

CGI Resource Index

Perl Scripts and Links

Microsoft: Guide to Active Server Pages

Client-Side Trends


Here's an opportunity to try your own hand at adding some functionality to your pages. After looking at the demonstration, try building your own client-side image map.

Where is Middle C? Example




(MIDI files provided courtesy of the Ensoniq Corporation
makers of some of the world's finest MIDI gear.)





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