Describe how the Internet is changing the world by means of a process called convergence.
Give reasons for the recent mega-mergers in the communications field.
Tell what percentage of the population is telecommuting.
Gauge the extent to which commercial advertising is paying for services available 'for free' on the Internet.
Know where the hottest shopping sites are on the Net.
Explain how online shopping and banking are creating a cashless society.
Understand how government officials and politicians are using the Internet.
Define information warfare and learn how the Department of Defense is preparing to defend against it.
Realize how the Internet is revolutionizing the publishing industry.
Quote the latest Nielsen statistics on how the Internet is competing with television for people's free time.
Share the vision of how the Web is capable of hosting an interconnected world of research and scholarship.
Understand how the Net provides educators with a powerful medium for more actively involving students in the teaching and learning process.


  Mergers and Alliances

How have recent mergers or alliances affected you? Do they make new products and services cheaper and more accessible or create monopolies?

CNET News: USA Networks to buy Expedia stake

Washington Post: FCC Approves Viacom-CBS Deal

Washington Post: Special Archive of the AOL-Time Warner Merger

CNET News: Cell phone IM plan supports Interoperability


What jobs do you think can best be done by telecommuting? Are there jobs that could be hampered by telecommuting?

Business, Advertising, and Online Shopping


Shopping on the Web has grown rapidly and you can now buy almost anything online. Which of these sites make shopping easier? Are you more comfortable buying some products on the Web? If so, which ones? Why?


Online Banking and Investing


Some people believe that paying bills on the Internet makes life much easier, while others are uncomfortable when they use bits instead of paper for these transactions. What benefits or drawbacks do you see from these services?


Yahoo! Bill Pay



Charles Schwab


TD Ameritrade

Morgan Stanley Online


Yahoo! Finance


Gomez Scorecard

Government and Politics
The government has made a strong effort to reach citizens through the Web. What kinds of government information do you find most useful on the Web?

Federal Consumer Information Center
Federal Consumer
Information Center
Internal Revenue Service Web
Internal Revenue Service

Aspiring political candidates have been able to keep their message constantly updated on the Web. How has campaigning changed as the Internet has grown in strength?

Democratic National Committe
Democratic Party

Republican National Committee
Republican Party

Yahoo! Index of Elections
Yahoo index of Political Candidates


Information Warfare and Homeland Security
How is national defense helped or threatened by the Internet? Are some countries more at risk than others? Why?


MSNBC's Index of Carnivore Information

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

From the White House:
President Bush at Signing of Anti-Terrorism Bill

Full Text of the Patriot Act

Electronic Publishing

Newspapers on the Web have changed the face of publishing. What kinds of news do you find most useful on the Web? Is there some sort of information that you would rather get from a traditional newspaper?

Chicago Tribune

The New York Times

The Washington Post

USA Today

Pilot Online

The Wall Street Journal

The Mercury News

Los Angeles Times

Microsoft Reader

eBook Express

International Digital Publishing Forum (formerly Open eBook Forum)

Television and Entertainment

Pew Internet and American Life Project: (2005)
Nielsen Survey:
Convergence Lab Links TV and Internet Activity (2001)


Teaching and Learning
The sites below illustrate how the Web has been harnessed to help teach almost every subject. Which of these seemed to do the best job? Do you think students can use these without a teacher or would a traditional setting also be needed?

Biology Labs Online
CIESE Online
Global Schoolhouse
Journey North
Discovery Channel NETS Project

Patron Saint of the Internet
Do you think the Internet needs a patron saint? Is Isidore a good choice or is there someone better?

Wired News: Saints Vying for Net Patron

Isidore of Seville Biography
CNET News: Bishops seek saint for Internet





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