As the presence of technology grows in both personal and professional arenas, the demand for those who can communicate via the Internet has never been stronger, and will only continue to progress exponentially in the future. The fourth edition of Fred Hofstetter’s Internet Literacy
provides the key components to starting online, from accessing the Internet to creating your own Websites with audio and video. While practically applying these invaluable skills, Hofstetter’s text also focuses on the larger issues that surround online communication, such as growing technological advancements and their effect on society as a whole.

With the latest edition of Internet Literacy, you get....

New features such as Dreamweaver coverage, an illustrated timeline of the history
of the Internet, and tips for conducting scholarly searches following APA, MLA, and CMS guidelines.

Updated coverage of online issues and applications (copyright, equity, wireless technologies, PDAs, and media hubs) and a Windows and Macintosh compatible textbook that includes iTunes.

Learning resources that include a 30-day trial of Microsoft FrontPage 2003, end-of-chapter
exercises with real-world applications and case projects, and modular assignments that allow instructor flexibility..

This web site by Pat Sine provides quick and easy access to all of the Internet resources and examples referred to in the textbook.

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