The Budget of the United States Government

Background Information

The Office of Management and Budget has prepared a citizen's guide to the budget Although somewhat partisan (the President "controls" OMB) this information is nevertheless quite good.

How Bad Is The Situation?

Consider the conventional wisdom: public spending is growing out of control.

What the money goes for.

Types of outlays:

Changes in the composition of the federal budget

Federal spending as a proportion of the economy

Should the constitution be amended to require a balanced budget?

Are Taxes in the United States Too High?

A factor that is fueling much of the demand for smaller government and less spending is the widely held belief that high taxes stiffle investment, initiative, hard work, and innovation. Furthermore, what about the claim that taxes have become such a burden that people and companies have no incentives to create jobs and increase productivity?
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Last revised January 9, 1997.