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Come again and again...

You'll find important announcements about readings, quizzes, tests, extra crdit, and other matters here, so make a point of visiting frequently.

Grades will be posted on the bulletin board near my office, which is Room 434 Smith when they are ready.

Room 434 is on the 4th floor.

As you know the University cancelled classes Friday so we could not schedule the second exam. As I had already set the deadlines many people scheduled travel plans for Saturday and there is no really effective or fair way to arrange for a make up after that day. So I am going to give everyone FULL credit for Exam No. 2.

Anyone who wants to can turn in extra credit work on Monday in the Main Office. It is due by 4:00 P.M. The main office is 347 Smith Hall.

Your final grade will consist of 50 points for the second exam plus whatever points you received on the first test PLUS any extra credit points I give.

This solution will skew the grade distribution, but I can live with that so long as no one is adversely affected.

If you want your first exam grade, it is still posted outside 434 Smith. Remember this test counted 50 percent so multiply your grade by .5. (Example: if you got a 82, the points will be 41.5.)


Good luck. It's been fun.

Test results for TEST 1 (January 17, 2003) are posted outside 434 Smith. See map above for directions.

Wonder if we'll have class when it snows? If in doubt call 302-831-4000 and enter voice mail box 80433. (You'll have to fiddle around to get to the message.) Usually we'll have class.

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