Graduate Students Senate

Internal Committees


Works to make sure that the needs and concerns of all groups on campus are being met by the policies and programs of the University, and advocates for diversity in demography and in ideas across the University.
Co-Chairperson: Kristen Hefner
Co-Chairperson: Andre Ifill

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Plans, organizes and runs the major GSS Fall and Spring events, including Grad Student Forum, and coordinates volunteerism and community service opportunities.
Co-Chairperson: Brittany Scott,
Co-Chairperson: Jeralynn Miller,

Consists of the four elected GSS officers, and is responsible for the general operation of the Senate.
Chairperson: Emily Bonistall,
Responsible for all matters concerning the internal structure, and policies and procedures of the Senate. 
Chairperson: Emily Bonistall,

Provides graduate students with a sense of community through organizing social events where networking and socializing among all graduate students from across campus is possible.
Chairperson: Neda Moinolmolki,

Student Life
Deals with issues involving graduate student life that are not already dealt with in other Senate committees.
Chairperson: Chris Richard

Dedicated to improving recycling and sustainability initiatives at UD.
Co-Chairperson: Heather Thomson,
Co-Chairperson: Greg Ardini,

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