Graduate Students Senate

External Committees


Senator Active Standing Committees

Faculty Senate
The University Faculty Senate acts for the entire faculty in coordinating faculty governance at the University of Delaware and in exercising the faculty responsibility for the education and care of students. The faculty contributes significantly to the academic excellence of the university and to an environment in which all members of the campus community are free to learn and to communicate.
Number of GSS representatives: 2

Graduate Studies
This committee shall review and consider matters relating to graduate education, and shall receive and may stimulate and originate proposals for its development.  This committee shall formulate, for determination by the Faculty Senate, the policies for admission to graduate study. It shall have the power to act on the alteration, addition or deletion of individual graduate courses recommended by college committees and to delegate this authority to the individual colleges, Office of the University Registrar, or Office of Graduate Studies, as it deems appropriate. It shall have the power to act on minor modifications of approved graduate programs and shall make recommendation to the Faculty Senate on courses of study leading to graduate degrees and on matters of policy concerning graduate study, and may employ outside consultants to this end. The committee shall have the authority and responsibility for general policies concerning the judicial system for graduate students. In the absence of a duly constituted graduate student government, each academic year it shall appoint the graduate student member of the Committee on Student Life.
Number of GSS representatives: 2

Newark City Council
The City of Newark's mission is to provide well-managed and cost-effective services to our customers, both internal and external, with an emphasis on quality, value, and responsibility.  Consistent with the City's mission are five operational goals that provide direction for the City's policies and procedures:
- To provide equal access of services, programs, and activities to all citizens.
- To maintain an adequate level of growth in the financial base and maintain the current level of services.
- To preserve the City's quality of life with a focus on enhancing the physical appearance of the City.
- To maintain controlled growth and compatible land use development patterns.
- To maintain and recruit a diverse, qualified, and professional work force that will uphold our commitment to service excellence.
Number of GSS representatives: 1 (Position may be shared by 2 members)

Voluntary Committees

Academic Appeals
This committee shall have the sole purpose of serving at Step 4 of the Student Grievance Procedure in reviewing cases appealed to it, determining whether or not a hearing is appropriate, conducting such hearings, and rendering a decision.
Number of GSS representatives: 2
Coordinating Committee on Education
This committee shall be a continuing center for over viewing the broad educational affairs of the University; for providing a large context for the examination and preparation of educational proposals; and for providing liaison and coordination among the following enumerated educational committees. It shall survey academic weaknesses and strengths and help formulate and assess educational policies and practices. Mindful of Trustee and Administrative responsibility for the University’s fiscal affairs, and at the same time recognizing budgetary matters as a main instrument of academic development, this committee is authorized to confer with the Provost concerning the establishment of academic priorities and their implementation, and such other related budgetary matters as may arise.
Number of GSS representatives: 1

Cultural Activities and Public Events
It should be the objective of the Cultural Activities and Public Events Committee to foster, encourage and coordinate throughout the University programs of local, national, and world significance that illuminate, explain, articulate, or are a creative part of the cultures of mankind. The committee shall work with any and all agencies of the University specifically to sponsor, direct, or advise on programs which bring to the University notable and creative figures in scholarship, presentations, art exhibits, and media productions, or any presentation that reflects upon the University’s obligation to foster and contribute to the cultural life of the community and the world.
Number of GSS representatives: 1

Diversity and Affirmative Action
This Committee shall review all University policies and practices pertaining to diversity and affirmative action in the recruiting and retaining of students, staff and faculty. The committee shall submit an annual report in May evaluating the status of policies and practices. It shall recommend statements of goals, policies and practices for consideration by the University community and the Senate whenever changes in these functions are needed.
Number of GSS representatives: 1

General Education Committee
This committee shall recommend academic policies and standards for the General Education Program. It shall evaluate on a regular basis the implementation of the General Education Initiative and its goals. It shall also have the ability to develop and recommend new general education initiatives and to bring forward resolutions seeking to improve the ways in which the University fosters the goals of general education. 
Number of GSS representatives: 1

Instructional, Computing, and Research Support
This committee will advise the Senate on policies, practices and needs for educational resource facilities and computer facilities. It will further represent the faculty to the Vice President for Information Technologies, the Director of Instructional Technologies Center, the Director of the Library, and the Director of the University Bookstore.
Number of GSS representatives: 1

International Studies
The Committee on International Studies shall coordinate, facilitate, stimulate, and encourage international study. It shall make recommendations and advise the University on appropriate policies and procedures to further international educational activities.
Number of GSS representatives: 1

This committee shall consist of the Director of Libraries; one faculty from each of the several colleges (with the exception of the College of Arts and Science which shall have two, one of whom shall be from a discipline in the Humanities); one undergraduate student; and one graduate student. One of the faculty shall be appointed chairperson. It shall serve as a focus for advising the Director and the faculty or its Senate as to policies and practices regarding the University libraries.
Number of GSS representatives: 1

Parking Appeals Board
This board grants or denies appeals of parking violation penalties submitted to the Parking Services Office in accordance with procedures and based on evidence.
Number of GSS representatives: 1

Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee
This committee is comprised of University students, faculty and staff. It helps to craft future parking and transportation policies. Committee members provide insightful feedback on University parking and transportation policies.
Number of GSS representatives: 1

Student Life
This committee shall formulate rules and regulations bearing upon the care, control, and government of students, and except where otherwise delegated, upon student extra-course activities. It shall advise the Vice President for Student Life on the implementation of rules and regulations enacted by the faculty or its Senate, and at least once annually shall review and evaluate with him or her these rules and regulations and their implementation.
Number of GSS representatives: 1

Student and Faculty Honors
This committee shall recommend the policies governing the granting of student honors, and shall administer such policies as are adopted by the faculty or its Senate, and approved by the Board of Trustees. It may also recommend to the President nominees for faculty honors and for graduate-student honors.
It shall consist of one member from each college, one of whom shall be chairperson; two undergraduate students, and one graduate student; an appointee of the President; and a designee of the Director of the University Honors Program.
Number of GSS representatives: 1