Graduate Students Senate
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Oral Presentation Session 1
3:15 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Panel 1, Room #
1. Light trapping in thin film solar cells
  James Mutitu, Electrical Engineering
  Keywords: solar cells, light trapping, photovoltaics
2. Strategic planning by state judiciaries: How will planning promote justice?
  Kerrin Wolf, Public Policy and Administration
  Keywords: strategic planning, court administration, justice
3. Irving Visits Byron's haunted house
  Halina Adams, English
  Keywords: Romantic literature, ghost stories, architecture, Washington Irving, Lord Byron
4. Bin3 deletion causes structural abnormalities in lens
  David Scheiblin, Biology
  Keywords: cell biology, cytoskeleton, scanning electron microscopy
Panel 2, Room #
1. Design, fabrication, test and snalysis of Si:Ge solar cell below Si solar cell
  Yi Wang, Electrical Engineering
  Keywords: Si:Ge solar cell below Si, c-Si:Ge on Si, first principle 
2. Fetal death: America's public health secret
  Lenora Felder, Urban & Social Policy
  Keywords: fetal death, stillbirth, public health policy
3. Could teachers swear loyalty to students?: The problem of teacher-student loyalty in a third-party payer school system
  Kevin Currie-Knight, Education
  Keywords: teacher oath, public education, third-party payer
4. Akt1 in RhoC GTPase-mediated inflammatory breast cancer invasion
  Heather Unger, Biology
  Keywords: inflammatory breast cancer, Akt, RhoC GTPase
Panel 3, Room #
1. Characterization of nanoscale surface films in solid lubricants
  Harmandeep Kare, Mechanical Engineering
  Keywords: nanotribology, solid lubricants, AFM, tribofilms
2. The psychological consequences of success in the face of threat
  Jordan Leitner, School Psychology
  Keywords: stereotypes, threat, coping, disengagement
3. Second language acquisition of English intonation patterns
  Nadya Pincus, Linguistics
  Keywords: English, intonation, second language acquisition
4. Sip1 and δEF1 repress βB1-crystallin transcription in lens epithelial cells during development and after cataract surgery
  Abby Grabitz, Chemisty & Biochemistry
  Keywords: ZEB, lens development, cataract, EMT
Panel 4, Room #
1. Urban youth action: Potential and challenges of youth-led organizing in Philadelphia and beyond
  Aaron Searson, Public Policy & Administration
  Keywords: urban governance, youth activism
2. How to make use of the apps in your iPhone/iPod Touch in the ESL classroom
  Maria Paredes, TESL
  Keywords: iPhone app, education, esl, classroom, elementary
3. L-arginine does not restore endothelial-dependent relaxation in rats with chronic kidney disease
  Christopher Martens, Applied Physiology
  Keywords: endothelial function, arginase, CKD, uremic toxins
4. Interactions of human enteric viruses with produce
  Kirsten Hirneisen, Animal & Food Sciences
  Keywords: enteric viruses, produce
Oral Presentation Session 2
4:05 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Panel 1, Room #
1. Energy aware tiling on a many-core architecture
  Elkin Garcia, Electrical Engineering
  Keywords: energy efficiency, many-core architecture, parallel programs
2. Cellular and molecular interactions between the rice blast fungus and a potential biocontrol agent, lysobacter enzymogenes
  Sandra Mathioni, Plant and Soil Sciences
  Keywords: fungal-bacterial interaction, confocal microscopy, transcriptome
3. Visual and social displays in simulation environments
  Eric Best, Disaster Science and Management
  Keywords: modeling, simulation, visual display, evacuation
4. The effectiveness of a socio-emotional intervention compared to Head Start and an economically advantaged preschool
  Adina Seidenfeld, Psychology
  Keywords: socio-emotional skills, intervention
5. Inactivation of superdormant spores of Bacillus cereus and Bacillus weihenstephanensis with ozone
  Sarah Markland, Animal & Food Sciences
  Keywords: superdormant spores, ozone, refrigerated foods
Panel 2, Room #
1. The economics of offshore wind power
  Andrew Levitt, Marine Policy
  Keywords: offshore wind power, renewable energy
2. Building energy governance in global cities
  Michelle Kung, Urban Affairs & Public Policy
  Keywords: commercial building energy governance, global cities, stakeholders’ participation 
3. Learning long-distance phonotactic patterns
  Regine Lai, Linguistics and Cognitive Science
  Keywords: linguistics, phonology
4. Specific ion effects on large-scale hydrophobic assembly
  Brad Bauer, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  Keywords: molecular dynamics, ions, hydrophobic effect
5. Non-contact interrogation of embedded transmission-based fiber optic strain sensor
  Liang Qiu, Electrical Engineering
  Keywords: fiber optic sensors, fiber Bragg grating (FBG), free space coupling, embedded optical fiber, smart structures
Panel 3, Room #
1. Fatigue, degeneracy, and pollution in Constantin Meunier’s "The Mine" 
  Corina Weidinger, Art History
  Keywords: painting, fatigue, Belgian, pollution
2. Policies and programs to offset the carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages
  Adam Smargon, Energy and Environmental Policy
  Keywords: carbon dioxide climate change carbonated beverage
3. The role of perception in loanword adaptation: Evidence from Nepali
  Cesar Koirala, Linguistics & Cognitive Science
  Keywords: loanwords, perception, phonology, Nepali
4. A novel technique for simultaneously measuring somatosensory traffic, joint loading and motion at the ankle
  Alan Needle, Biomechanics and Movement Science
  Keywords: joint stability, neurophysiologic methods
5. Experiencing discrimination as a lack of control
  Eric Hehman, Psychology
  Keywords: control, prejudice, discrimination
Panel 4, Room #
1. Informing democracy?
  Cara Robinson, Urban Affairs & Public Policy
  Keywords: media, citizenship, democracy, public policy
2. Documenting endangered languages: Betsimisaraka Malagasy
  Tim O'Neill, Linguistics
  Keywords: Madagascar, Malagasy, linguistics, field methods
3. Electrostatic polarization in protein-ligand binding free energy calculations
  Yang Zhong, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  Keywords: protein-ligand binding, free energy, polarization
4. Illuminating the abyss: Exploration of the deep, dark, or murky habitats and geology of the seafloor
  Nicole Raineault, Geology
  Keywords: oceanography, geology, acoustics
5. Investigation of changes in coordination of wrist with other joints with aging and post-stroke
  Geetanjali Gera, Physical Therapy
  Keywords: aging, stroke, coordination
Interactive Poster Presentation Session
5:00 p.m. - 5:40 p.m.
Clayton Hall Lobby
1. Adaptation to climate change: Engineering sustainability into the transportation planning process
  Michelle Oswald, Civil Engineering
  Keywords: climate change, sustainability, transportation
2. The Kuroshio Extension during the Pliocene-Pleistocene climate transition
  Nicholas Venti, Oceanography
  Keywords: North Pacific, Pliocene, Pleistocene, alkenones, sea surface temperatures, calcium carbonate, Kuroshio Current Extension, ODP Site 1208
3. Isolated muscle metaboreflex activation enhances arterial baroreflex control of muscle sympathetic nerve activity in older adults
  Jody Greaney, Biology
  Keywords: blood pressure, sympathetic nervous system, baroreflex, metaboreflex, exercise
4. Why would you decide to use an online dating site? Factors that lead to online dating
  Tanya Kang, Communication
  Keywords: online dating, multitasking, CMC (computer-mediated communication)
5. PathFigure: Biological pathway change prediction and multi-level visualization of integrated information
  Li Jin, Computer & Information Sciences
  Keywords: biological pathway
6. EMG and kinematic reliability changes with gait velocities
  Stephen Suydam, Biomechanics & Movement Science
  Keywords: gait, variability, biomechanics
7. Prevalence of Campylobacter species in North American wild birds
  Judith Keller, Wildlife Ecology
  Keywords: Campylobacter, wild birds, Laridae, Scolopacidae, Anatidae
8. Launching a nurse managed health center at the University of Delaware
  Michelle Kennedy, Nursing
  Keywords: nurse managed health center, NMHC
9. Microbe-Mineral Interactions Driving Arsenic Mobility and Toxicity in Delaware Soils
  Camille Jones, Plant & Soil Sciences
  Keywords: arsenic, arsenite oxidation, microbe-mineral, soil chemistry
10. Effects of task on lower extremity neuromuscular coordination during static stance 
  Toran MacLeod, Biomechanics & Movement Science
  Keywords: posture, EMG, motor control
11. Measuring family early literacy practices across diverse preschool families
  Kandia Lewis, School Psychology
  Keywords: early childhood education, family involvement, literacy
12. Predicting the effects of methoprene application on horseshoe crab populations in the inland bays of Delaware
  Emily Maung, Marine Biosciences
  Keywords: horseshoe crabs, pesticide, endocrine disruptors, estuary, inland bays, Delaware
13. Voluntary exercise followed by environmental complexity promotes adult hippocampal neurogenesis in an animal model of binge-drinking during the third trimester
  Gillian Hamilton, Psychology
  Keywords: fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, animal model, rehabilitation, wheel running, enriched environment
14. What is a possible word? And how do you know?
  Jane Chandlee, Linguistics
  Keywords: language, knowledge, phonotactic, possible word, sound frequency
15. We're (more than) friends on Facebook: An exploration into how Facebook use can lead to romantic jealousy
  Rhiannon Kallis, Communication
  Keywords: romantic jealousy, Facebook, communication, romantic relationships
16. Sustained attention in internationally adopted children
  Sarah Trinsey, Education
  Keywords: sustained attention, development, adoption
17. Abstractive summarization of multi-modal documents
  Charles Greenbacker, Computer Science
  Keywords: artificial intelligence, natural language processing, computational linguistics, automatic summarization, assistive technologies
18. Initial effects of intensive power mobility training for an infant at risk for cerebral palsy
  Christina Ragonesi, Physical Therapy
  Keywords: early power mobility, cerebral palsy, infants
19. Student perceptions of using web-conferencing technology in hybrid classes
  Sule Yilmaz Ozden, Education
  Keywords: web conferencing, higher education, adult learners, student perception
20. Dual-purpose echogenic liposomes
  Shirshendu Paul, Mechanical Engineering
  Keywords: echogenic liposomes, ultrasound contrast agents, attenuation, scattering, mannitol 
21. Acquisition of spatial language
  Dimitrios Skordos & Megan Johanson, Linguistics & Cognitive Science
  Keywords: spatial language, language acquisition
22. Substrate discimination in the sulfhydryl oxidase, QSOX
  Jennifer Codding, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  Keywords: disulfide, protein folding, sulfhydryl oxidases
23. Quality of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in watershed compartments for a forested mid-Atlantic watershed
  Shatrughan Singh, Geology
  Keywords: DOM, organic matter, excitation-emission matrices, parafac
24. Use of HHP to improve the microbiological safety and overall quality of scallions
  Hudaa Neetoo, Animal & Food Sciences
  Keywords: scallions, bacteria, high hydrostatic pressure
25. Actively replicating bacteria in the Mid-Atlantic Bight and Sargasso Sea
  Sharon Grim, Marine Studies
  Keywords: bacteria, marine, ecology, activity, 454 sequencing
26. "Reversed" tenure: A proposed alternative to traditional tenure systems for public school teachers
  Paul Larson, Economics
  Keywords: education, tenure policy, reversed tenure, teacher quality
Oral Presentation Session 3
5:45 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Panel 1, Room #
1. Subharmonic response from contrast microbubbles for noninvasive blood pressure estimation
  Amit Katiyar, Mechanical Engineering
  Keywords: subharmonic, contrast microbubbles, blood pressure
2. Uncovering America’s Vermeer: A technical investigation into the working practices of Richard Caton Woodville (1825-1855)
  Gwen Manthey, Art Conservation
  Keywords: art conservation, Woodville, Walters
3. Perceptions of school climate in China
  Jessica Blank & Yang Chunyan, School Psychology
  Keywords: school climate
4. Organizational survival and success in times of institutional transition: A historical case study of the Federal State Institution “Eye Microsurgery”
  Arina Matvejeva, Economics
  Keywords: institutional economics, economics of the firm, perestroika, transition
Panel 2, Room #
1. A peak in United States hydrocarbon production and the energy-climate policy implications
  Jeremiah Couey, Energy & Environmental Policy
  Keywords: peak oil, hydrocarbon depletion, energy resources, climate change, policy challenges
2. Stress-related growth from daily negative events
  Stefanie LoSavio, Clinical Psychology
  Keywords: stress-related growth, meaning-making, daily events
3. Television violence: Gender and race
  Alex Campbell, Communication
  Keywords: television violence, gender, race
4. Crosslinguistic perception of pitch in language and music
  Evan Bradley, Linguistics & Cognitive Science
  Keywords: language, music, perception, learning
Panel 3, Room #
1. How elected leaders prolong unpopular wars: Examining American policy during the Vietnam War and French policy during the Algerian War
  Kelly McHugh, Political Science
  Keywords: foreign policy, war termination, Vietnam, Algeria
2. Inertial effects on the dynamics of a drop in a shear flow 
   Rajesh Singh, Biomechanics & Movement Science
  Keywords: drop, shear flow, inertia,
3. Surf tourism and sustainable development
  Leon Mach, Energy & Environmental Policy
  Keywords: sustainable development, tourism, surfing, governance
4. Attribution, aversive racism, and the homeless
  Matthew Deegan, School Psychology
  Keywords: implicit bias, IAT, prejudice, racism, homelessness
Panel 4, Room #
1. Improving response rates for web surveys: An experimental test of the token incentive
  Matthew Manierre, Sociology
  Keywords: research methods, sociology, demography, survey, response rate, incentive
2. The history of Tom Jones and the History of abridgment
  Kyle Meikle, English
  Keywords: adaptation, abridgment, book history, novel, Henry Fielding, Tom Jones
3. The morphology of shoreline trees as an indicator of bank stability on South River, Virginia
  Stephanie Stotts, Geography
  Keywords: vegetation, bank erosion, Ffuvial geomorphology
4. E-Portfolios: As useful for the applicant as the employer
  Paul Larson, Economics
  Keywords: e-portfolio, job market preparation