Full-time students are eligible to apply for merit-based assistantships, fellowships, and tuition scholarships. Application for these awards is part of the admission application. Awards are granted on the basis of merit and do not normally require an analysis of financial need. All U.S. citizens are required to file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application by February 1st. A FAFSA form is required if a U.S. citizen is seeking a Perkins Loan, a Stafford Loan, or College Work Study.

Applicants should contact the department for additional information and deadlines for application for these awards. Most departments recommend that application for admission and assistantships/fellowships be done by February 1st. Assistantships usually pay a stipend and tuition and require students to teach or do other work. Fellowships pay a stipend and tuition but do not have a work-related requirement. Tuition scholarships pay tuition and do not have a work-related requirement.

Residence Hall Assistantships require a separate application and interview with the Office of Residence Life. Contact the Office of Residence Life at (302) 831-2814 for more information.

Teaching Assistants (TA)

Teaching assistantships are awarded through the individual departments. Teaching assistants are required to perform teaching and other instructional activities. As with any professional appointment, the amount of service may vary from week to week but the average is usually expected to be 20 hours per week.

Research Assistants (RA)

Research assistantships are generally funded by research grants and contracts provided by external funding agencies. Research assistantships require twenty hours of service or research a week. The amount of service or research may vary from week to week but the average is usually expected to be 20 hours per week. Research assistants are expected to work on their assigned research projects during winter session and may be required to work during summer as well. The amount of each student's stipend will be calculated in accordance with the number of months that the student is employed.

Graduate Assistants (GA)

Graduate assistantships are awarded by academic departments and other University offices to students in exchange for work. Graduate assistants are employed for twenty hours a week in a variety of capacities as administrative assistants to University faculty and administrators. These tasks may or may not be related to the student's program. The amount of service may vary from week to week but the average is usually expected to be 20 hours per week.

Tuition Scholars

Tuition scholarships provide full tuition but do not pay a stipend. They are awarded according to the same rules that govern eligibility for University fellowships. There is no work requirement for the tuition scholarship. Tuition scholars can meet the requirement to maintain full-time status by enrolling in a minimum of six graduate credit hours per semester. Tuition scholars may accept remuneration for employment inside or outside of the University. Tuition scholars are covered by the University's graduate student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan. (Coverage and student costs are subject to review each year by the insurance company and the University. Refer to "A Guide to Student Health Services" for current details.)

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