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There are many ways to get involved at UD - volunteer to help Admissions, mentoring programs, reunion planning, affinity groups, the Alumni Association, and much more!


At the University of Delaware, we are grateful for the many volunteers who serve our campus community in a variety of ways. Volunteers are a vital component of our mission and are essential to many University departments and programs. Their engagement and support allows us to achieve our goals, and for that we are grateful.

Listed below are some of the ways in which volunteers support the University of Delaware. Click to expand.

Board of Trustees

The University of Delaware Board of Trustees is the top governing body of the University. It is comprised of 28 members who volunteer their time and expertise for the betterment of the University community. In addition to these 28 members, the Governor of the State, the President of the University, the Master of the State Grange, and the President of the State Board of Education participate as ex-officio members. The Office of the Vice President and University Secretary serves as the liaison between the Board and the University Administration.

For more information regarding the current members of the Board and to view its governing policies and bylaws, please click here.

The President’s Leadership Council

In order to achieve the goals set forth in the strategic plan Delaware Will Shine™, the University is committed to developing a culture of philanthropy consistent with our ambitious vision and status as a prominent national research university. The mission of the President’s Leadership Council (PLC) is to provide leadership, advice and assistance to President Nancy Targett in an effort to increase the levels of involvement and investment among alumni, parents, friends, corporations and foundations. The Council partners with the President, Deans and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations to help identify and cultivate increased philanthropic support.

UD Alumni Association Board of Directors (UDAA)

The UDAA was founded in 1846 and all alumni are automatically members upon graduation. The UDAA mission states: “The [UDAA] is proudly dedicated to engaging our entire alumni community by fostering a tradition of lifelong loyalty and commitment to the University of Delaware. We provide exceptional value and ongoing support to our alumni worldwide.” The Association is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of three officers, 24 directors, members at-large and the immediate past president. The Board represents the general body of 162,000 alumni from all seven UD colleges. Since its inception, UDAA has strengthened the commitment of graduates to their alma mater by supporting alumni and student programs.

Contact Lauren Simione at lemurray@udel.edu or 302-831-1408 for more information on the UDAA. To see a listing of the current UDAA Board of Directors, please click here.

Parents Fund Council

Parents Fund Council (PFC) members provide leadership support of the Parents Fund and reach out to fellow parents to enlist their support. Our parent volunteers enjoy developing a connection with the University and with each other. The mission of the PFC is to build relationships with parents that lead to increased interest in financially supporting the University of Delaware through the Parents Fund. The work of the PFC results in increased financial support from a parent base that understands and communicates the needs of UD. Volunteers are donors who serve as advocates of the University, and focus their fundraising efforts on securing gifts of $1,000 or more. The Parents Fund Council works through the Office of Annual Giving as part of University Development.

For more information about the Parents Fund Council, please contact 302-831-2104. To view a list of current Parent Fund Council members, click here.

Reunion Planning

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations celebrates our alumni each year at Alumni Weekend. This event, held during the first weekend in June, invites all alumni back to campus to reconnect with the University, classmates, faculty and friends. Alumni Weekend offers two days of activities, events, tours and general reunion revelry. Specific reunion classes are also celebrated and alumni volunteers have the opportunity to plan their reunion celebration and build attendance through outreach and networking. Whether you’re gearing up for your first reunion or celebrating your 50th, contact the Offices of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving to help make your reunion fun, rewarding, and memorable.

To view current and past reunion committees, click here.

Regional Alumni Clubs

The UD regional alumni club program is the point of contact for alumni near their hometowns. Active alumni clubs are located all over the world, from New Castle County, Delaware to San Francisco, from London to New York. Alumni clubs create their own events catering to the needs and interests of alumni in their region. These events range from community service or service learning opportunities, sendoff parties for matriculating students, or just getting together to root for the Blue Hens.

There are myriad roles and opportunities available closer to home than you think. To get started, view a list of current regional clubs, email alumnnet@udel.edu or call 302-831-2104.

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are born of the activities, living groups and campus associations that alumni participated in as students. The Marching Band, Harrington Theatre Arts, residents of Rodney Hall, the swim team, Honors alumni, or fraternities and sororities—all of these fall under the affinity umbrella. Affinity groups provide a tangible way for you to identify and engage in the life of the University.

UD is committed to providing affinity groups with more programs, communications, and chances to interact with us and each other. Affinity group leaders plan reunions and anniversary events, assemble group newsletters, and generally provide a way for alums to reconnect individually, with one another and with UD. Dozens of groups have set up affinities. Why not make your group next? Contact alumnnet@udel.edu or call 302-831-2104.

Senior Class Gift Council

The Senior Class Gift program is an opportunity for students to show appreciation for the many opportunities they have had at the University of Delaware. Council members help to promote and educate students on the work of the Office of Development and Alumni Relations and how it impacts the UD student experience. Students from all class years who are interested in learning about philanthropy and alumni engagement at UD are encouraged to join. For information, call 302-831-2104.

VAST–Volunteer Admissions Support Team

VAST is an association of enthusiastic UD alumni, students, faculty, staff, and parents who assist the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in recruiting new students to the Newark campus. VAST was established in 1986 as part of the Office of Admissions with the full support of Alumni Relations. Since VAST’s inception, 1,550 volunteers have given personal attention to more than 105,000 prospective students and parents. VAST ensures that nearly every applicant to UD has the opportunity to be interviewed by one of our alumni volunteers during the admissions process. VAST volunteers are not only a resource for applicants, but are ambassadors for UD.

For more information, contact VAST in the Admissions Office at 302-831-8125 or click here to visit them on the web.

Career Mentoring

The Bank of America Career Services Center manages the Alumni Mentor Program to help registered students and alumni connect and share important career information. The program is run through the social networking site LinkedIn and allows established alumni to share their professional knowledge and wisdom with grateful, eager Blue Hens of a younger generation. Volunteers mentor students about career opportunities, choosing a major, employer information, interview coaching, networking, regional information and resume critiques.

To become part of the Alumni Mentor Program, please sign up for the UD Blue Hen Career Network at LinkedIn or call the Career Services Center at 302-831–2392 for more information.