A Case for Support, Giving, University of Delaware

Extending the Reach

Your gift will help provide future students with the education and experiences that make UD the special place it is today.

Getting the Big Picture

The University of Delaware is a research-intensive, technologically-advanced institution offering four associate’s programs, 130 bachelor’s programs, 79 master's programs and 39 doctoral programs in seven colleges. Our distinguished faculty includes internationally recognized scholars and celebrated authors. Our students are bright and our facilities are largely state-of-the art. Our more than 122,000 living alumni include luminaries in the fields of engineering, biotechnology, art conservation, performing arts, and politics—including the Vice President of the United States.

With so many accomplishments, it’s easy to think, “The University of Delaware is doing great! They don’t need any help from me.”

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The University’s current success is built on the tradition of support from friends and alumni who have chosen to make UD’s success a priority. Their commitment and vision helped make UD the vibrant, thriving institution it is now. Offering this same support is exactly what you can do for today’s students and faculty, as well as for the generations of Blue Hens yet to come.

The generosity of our donors—people just like you—is what funds the groundbreaking research, builds high-tech buildings and labs, and provides the resources we need to attract and retain excellent professors and bright students. It also is what keeps the lights on, the dorms and dining halls running, and the campus looking beautiful. Generosity is what makes our campus come alive. So why give?

People give to UD for all sorts of reasons. They give because they believe in our mission or because they received scholarships and want to pay that generosity forward. People give in memory of friends or loved ones and because of the fond memories they hold from their time on campus. People give simply because they are avid fans of the Fightin’ Blue Hens!

There is no wrong reason to make a gift to the University—there are only right reasons. What is yours?

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