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Private Support Matters

Tuition and state funding do not cover the costs of educating our students. Every student on our campus benefits from private support.

Bridge the Gap

Private support is like life support for the University of Delaware—we would not exist without it. As a bridge across three significant funding gaps, private support is a lifeline on which the University relies. Specifically, private support fills the gaps between:

State Funding and the University’s Operating Costs

Although the University of Delaware is known as a public institution, only a portion of operating funds comes from the state. 13% of annual revenue is provided by the state of Delaware. The rest must come from grants, tuition, and the support of our alumni and friends.

Tuition and the Actual Cost of Educating a Student

A common misconception is that tuition alone covers the cost of educating our students. In fact, tuition and fees make up just a fraction of that cost, to the tune of 35% for Delaware residents and 85% for out-of-state students. The rest must come from other sources – such as gifts from donors.

Tuition and Income for Many Families

Sending a child to college is a huge financial undertaking. Our ability to provide opportunities and resources for students with financial need depends on scholarship support from donors.