SPAN300/ Sra. Hendrix/ Primavera de 2007
Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition
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Anuncio Importante:  See the film VOLVER in KRB 006 on March 7 at 8pm.

General Course Materials:
SyllabusRevised April-May Syllabus

Syllabus (HONORS)Revised April-May Syllabus (HONORS)

Workbook Answer Key

Actividades Escritas
(NOTE:  These are due on Exam Days.)

Actividades en línea
(NOTE:  Select the chapter at the top, and then select Autopruebas on the menu to the left.  You do not need to email me or print your results.)

Used as a calculating tool at the end of the semester

Composition Resources:

Composition Evaluation Rubric (NOTE:  Print this and staple it to your Compositions, along with an outline, the day they are due.)

Composition Correction Symbols

Composition Formatting Notes

Comp. #1:  Actividades

Comp. #3:  Actividad A
Comp. #3:  Actividad B
Comp. #3:  Actividad C
Comp. #3:  Actividad D

Peer Edit Guide

Lesson Materials:

Repaso:  La acentuación española

Lesson for 2/14/07

Studying Abroad:

UD Study Abroad Site

Study Abroad Letters of Recommendation (Click here only after I have agreed to write you a letter.)

Online dictionaries:
Diccionario #1
Diccionario #2
Extra/ optional Online Practice Activities
Majoring/ Minoring:

Majoring or minoring in Spanish at UD

Dept. FLL Online Advisor

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