José María Pérez-Fernández's
Spanish 305 Website Project

This project is part of Prof. Fred Hofstetter's Advanced Web Design Course (EDDV-885-011-99S)

This is my contribution to the Multimedia Project. See the group's IMS critique.

Click here for a video clip with my introduction to the project.

Introduction to the project and objectives of the Spanish 305 Website.

Click here to log on to the SERF version of the course. Use "305student" as both name and password.


Picasso's Woman with blue veil.
This image is courtesy of Mark Harden's
This project was presented at the Second International Conference on New Learning Technologies (Bern, Switzerland, August 30-31, 1999)

See the abstract of my paper.

See other on-line instructional material from the Foreign Languages Department at the University of Delaware.

This is a work in progress.
Last update: 9/4/99