Deborah Steinberger

Research Interests:

17th-Century French and comparative literature
Early modern women writers

Le Mercure Galant and early modern French journalism

Major Publications:

“Women and Men Writing about Love: An Approach to Teaching Seventeenth-Century French Literature.” In Options for Teaching Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century French Women Writers. Ed. Faith Beasley. New York: MLA, 2011.

Critical Editions of Françoise Pascal’s Sésostris and Le Vieillard amoureux. In Théâtre de femmes de l’Ancien Régime, vol. 2.Ed. Aurore Évain, Henriette Goldwyn and Perry Gethner. Saint Étienne: Publications de l’Université de Saint Étienne, 2008.


Critical Edition of Françoise Pascal’s Le Commerce du Parnasse (1669).  Exeter, U.K.: University of Exeter Press, 2001.

“Gender Politics of the correspondance galante: Françoise Pascal, Anne-Marie de la Vigne, Catherine Bernard.”  Papers on French Seventeenth Century Literature 145 (2002) 13-21.

“Profiting from Scandal: The Case of La Devineresse.”  Cahiers du Dix-Septième 9:1(2001).


“The Difficult Birth of the Good Mother: Donneau de Visé’s L’Embarras de Godard, ou l’Accouchée.”  In Maternal Measures: Figuring Caregiving in the Early Modern Period. Ed. Naomi Yavneh and Naomi Miller.  Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2001.


“Françoise Pascal, Le Commerce du Parnasse,” translation of selections from this work, with critical introduction and notes.  In Writings by Pre-Revolutionary French Women.  Ed. Colette Winn and Anne Larsen.  New York: Garland Press, 2000.


“Spectacles of Intimacy: A New Look at the comédie larmoyante.”  L’Esprit Créateur 39:3 (Fall 1999) 64-75.


“Wit and Wisdom in Françoise Pascal’s Le Commerce du Parnasse,”  Papers on French Seventeenth-Century Literature 101 (1997) 231-238.


“The Song of Rolland: An Interpretation of Freud’s ‘A Disturbance of Memory on the Acropolis.’”   American Imago 54 (Spring 1997) 69-80.


“Molière and the Domestication of French Comedy: Public and Private Space in L’Ecole des femmes.”  Cahiers du Dix-Septième 6: 2 (1996) 131-139.


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