East-Central/American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (EC/ASECS)

The East-Central/American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies held its first meeting in 1970, a few months after the inaugural meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS), of which it is an affiliate. EC/ASECS's region includes most of the Mid-Atlantic area: Delaware, Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The Society meets every fall, usually in October. Members represent virtually every discipline related to eighteenth-century studies. Our members come from Canada to Mexico and from coast to coast, as well as from various points in Europe.

One of our members, Kevin J. Berland, is the founder, owner, factotum, etc., of the Eighteenth-Century Interdisciplinary Discussion Bulletin Board (C18-L).

The Society's newsletter, the Eighteenth-Century Intelligencer, formerly called the East-Central Intelligencer, is the most outstanding of all affiliate society newsletters, averaging over 60 pages for each of its three annual issues. The editor is James E. May; he can be contacted at: jem4@psu.edu

For information on membership or on the annual meeting, contact the Executive Secretary, Linda E. Merians at: LEmeria@aol.com

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