Uxmal is one of the jewels of the Maya civilization.  The House of the Magician, seen to the right and below, dominates this AZ.  After a few hours at this site, we will proceed to a hotel for dinner and a refreshing swim before returning to Uxmal for the Sound and Light Show. Be sure to bring some warm clothes for this open-air show.  It gets cold once the sun goes down!

Standing on the Great Pyramid with the Nunnery Quadrangle seen in the background (left side), the House of the Magician (just off center) and a portion of the Governor's Palace on the right.
One side of the House of the Magician has steps at a 45 degree incline. Notice the Chac masks on the edge.

Reversing the photo above this one, we have a student atop the House of the Magician with the Governor's Palace and the Great Pyramid in the background.  The building in front of the Great Pyramid is the House of Turtles, so named because of the series of turtles gracing its cornice.