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Student preparing care packages for Haiti

University of Delaware faculty and students representing every college and research center, are involved in projects that cross disciplines. These interdisciplinary projects utilize a variety of approaches to solve a society problem.

Type of project: Service Learning

Title of project: The Art of Sustainable Gardening

Community Partners: Tyler Arboretum, Media, Pennsylvania

Interdisciplinary Partners: Art and Landscape Horticulture and Design

Description of Project: 2010 Service Learning Summer Scholar student Christopher Stejskal embarked on an art and landscape design project supervised by Professors, Jon Cox, Department of Art, and Professor, Julie Bruck, Department of Landscape Horticulture and Design. The project included art and landscape design components. The design featured a unique curvilinear path system that served to remediate runoff problems. Produce has been harvested weekly and donated to the Media Food Bank. Christopher also explored the abstract qualities of natural subjects in the garden through macro photography. By altering scale and distorting perspective, he took the commonplace elements found in the vegetable garden, and portrayed them in a unique and abstract way.

The Longwood Graduate Program in Public Horticulture/Tyler Arboretum Collaboration

The Art of Sustainable Gardening