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The University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences Cooperative Extension connects the public with university knowledge, research and resources to address youth, family, community and agricultural needs. Students and faculty within other College departments, contribute to society through volunteerism, service learning and community based research.

Type of Project: Volunteer

Volunteers come to the garden throughout the season for maintenance jobs and harvesting.

Title of Project: Garden for the Community

Community Partner: Food Bank of Delaware

Description of Project: A cooperative partnership between the University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, CANR Ag College Council, Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners, and the Food Bank of Delaware.

Providing safe and nutritious food for Delaware families in need is a greater challenge today than ever before. A core mission of the UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is feeding the world in a sustainable manner. The CANR is fortunate to manage UD's 350 acre agro-ecology teaching complex. Since 2009, we have dedicated part of this land to a "Garden for the Community." The goal is to help the Food Bank meet their mission - a community without hunger - by providing Delaware families with fresh, local food. In 2012, the Garden for Community donated over 9 tons of fresh produce to the Food Bank.

Time Span: Ongoing. The garden itself is in season/in "operation" from about April - September of each year.

Any other additional information: Please see the website if you are interested in additional information.