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The College of Arts and Sciences is home to many departments and interdisciplinary programs that span the arts, humanities, social sciences and the sciences. The College delivers global curricula and co-curricular activities that challenge, engage, and inspire undergraduates. Many examples of service learning and community-based research and creative activities exist in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Type of project: Service Learning

Community Partners: Engagement Sites: Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, Richardson Park Elementary School, Shue-Medill Middle School. Outreach Sites: Exceptional Care for Children, UD Lab Preschool, UD College School.

Description of Project: Associate Professor Suzanne Burton, Department of Music, coordinates "Project-Music" (Music Uniting Students, Inspiring Communities) a service learning project. ProjectMUSIC seeks to collaborate with schools in providing music education through extended, engaging, instrumental or vocal visits. In addition, the primary goal of project MUSIC is to transform the musical atmosphere and culture of the elementary school and its educational community by giving school students sustained engagement with teaching-artists in a collaborative framework. The project enhances the general music curriculum already in place at the elementary school and serves to develop the teaching-artist practice of music majors. At the same time, the project expands the symphony orchestra's educational mission and provides the service - learning scholar with valuable "real time" career skills and life experience that will follow the scholar into the world of music education, music performance, or music management.

Time Span: ProjectMUSIC is in its eighth year.

Any other additional information: Winner of the College Music Society's Robby Gunstream Education in Music Award