Homo sapiens sapiens: What makes us human?

REWRITE of Paper 1

Due October 21
Typed, double-spaced, stapled, and with pages numbered
1 copy only

Guidance for evaluating and rethinking your first version of paper 1.

    Did the two sides actually answer each other's points, not just state their own?
  1. If you were to block out the dialogue (if that was your format), how much discussion would you have left and what substantive points did it actually make?
  2. Was it always clear to readers which side was speaking?
  3. Did the debaters clearly lay out their reasoning and evidence for their preferred dividing line?
  4. Did each paragraph have a clear point, and did it relate directly to the debater's thesis?
  5. Did the paper exploit information in the readings, or was it pretty much disconnected from them?

Potentially helpful discussion of the link between brain and body, intellect and emotion


Carter, Rita (1998). Chapter 4, Mapping the Mind. Berkeley: University of California Press.

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