Homo sapiens sapiens: What makes us human?

Due October 6 (Rewrite due October 20)
Typed, double-spaced, stapled, and with pages numbered
2 copies

Length is flexible, but aim for 4-5 pages.

Please attach a completed Writer Response form to the copy for your fellow.



What distinguishes between humans and non-humans? That is, what is the dividing line between creatures that are human and creatures that are non-human?

  1. Please present two competing views of where to draw the line between human and non-human. Then make the two views compete (as in a debate).
  2. Clearly specify the criteria (characteristics) each side is using to determine what is human vs. not.
  3. Conclude by saying what your own view is and why. If you disagree with both or if you have not yet reached a conclusion, please explain your reasoning.





 Evaluation criteria