EDST 391: H. sapiens: What does it mean to be “human”?


Assignment for Days 8 and 9

Reading assignment for both days


For Day 8

  1. Search for good examples. Look anywhere you think you can find them: in literature, poetry, painting, sculpture, drama, film, dance, song, and so on.
  2. You might focus on just one or two of these categories.
  3. Bring a total of 2-3 good examples to class in the form of excerpts, photos, notes, etc. that you can use to illustrate what you found.
  4. During class, form teams of ~3-5 to compare, analyze, and record the similarities and differences in what you found. For example, did anything you found surprise you? Which criteria for humanness did each example seem to emphasize (physical, emotional, moral, etc.)? Did they fall into a pattern?
  5. Decide whether your team needs to do further research and analysis before Day 9

Student co-captains for Day 8 will:

For Day 9

****NOTE:**** This assignment is meant to help you prepare for Paper 1, which is due October 6. You should therefore read the Paper 1 assignment before you do the assignment for Days 8 and 9.