EDST 391: H. sapiens: What does it mean to be “human”?


Assignment for Day 22

Reading assignment

  1. Hill, Development, Marriage, and Other Life Course Events, pp. 219-223, 235-239.
  2. Angier, N. (2011). "'A toad-eat-toad world," and other tales of animal cannibals," Science Times article in New York Times, Nov.1, p. D3.

Writing assignment

  1. Conflicts in parenting: To what extent do parenting conflicts among the Ache (as described in today's and prior readings on the Ache) reflect--or not--the parenting conflicts that Buss described in his parenting chapter (assigned for Day 21)? Just distill one or two key points or principles?
  2. Infanticide: It is not just a crime, but usually thought a hideous one as well. Evolutionary psychologists have tried to explain infanticide, although mostly because it seems counterintuitive from an adaptive point of view (why expunge your own genes from the gene pool??) Does the Science Times article help confirm or help disconfirm their proposed explanation? Explain your reasoning.