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Perceptions of self and world


·        Occupational stereotypes

§        Accountants are dull (not sexy)

§        Accountants are dull (humorless)

§        Orthodontist/dentist


·        Occupational self concept

§        Born to boss


·        Gender differences

§        Real guys don’t hug


·        Gender socialization

§        Boys: Be tough


Stages of career development


·        Stage 2: Child’s concern with sextype

§        Boys don’t do girl stuff

§        Boys don’t carry purses

§        Girls don’t wear brown

§        Girls don’t play with trucks

·        Stage 2: Child’s lack of concern with prestige

§        McDonald’s work is fine

·        Stage 3: Child’s awareness of prestige

§        Doctors & lawyers are rich

·        Stage 3: Children know little about what jobs actually entail

§        What writers do

§        Conditions of work

·        Stage 4: Concern with values

§        Good deeds vs. excitement


Developmental processes


·        Choice proceeds as a process of elimination



Risk factors


·        Unrealistic/fantasy aspirations


Influence of genotype (inner compass) on career behavior


·        Different genotypes exploit the same environments differently


·        Children seek and shape environments to better fit their own genetic proclivities